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Universal Self – A Multi Media Theater Production

Written & Performed by Kilusan Bautista

“Hi Kilusan, my name is Jack Moore – I’m a staff member at the Public Theater in New York. I saw Universal Self last week and was very impressed with your work. I hope you have some productions in the pipeline – please let me know if you ever have any upcoming shows that myself or someone else from The Public could come check out. Again, thanks for putting on such a good show. I’m looking forward to more.”
-Jack Moore
Administrative Assistant to the Artistic Director and Executive Director, The Public Theater

“Terry Park is honored that Kilusan Bautista performed an excerpt from his solo show Universal Filipino in his San Quentin State Prison class. The students were moved by a story that resonated so well with their own struggles. And we had another great discussion on masculinity, in relation to Frank Chin’s “Chickencoop Chinaman,” that preceded and connected with Kilusan’s performance.”

-Terry Park, Prison University Project

“Kilusan Bautista captivates audiences with his multi-character exploration of the Filipino-American experience.  Bautista employs monologue, music and martial arts to construct an engaging and evocative saga.”
-Daniel Gallant, Executive Director of the Nuyorican Poets Cafe, NY

“As a professional boxer I have used a variety of ring entrance music to walk into. Collaboration with Kilusan was actually the first live performance I’ve had at my fight. The professionalism he showed during preparation and leading up to my fight was exceptional and only gave me added confidence when he stepped in the ring and held the microphone. The walls of my locker room amplified the beats and echoed his performance in the ring. It sent an electrical shock waive of confidence, pride and inspiration from my heart to my fist. Kilusan is an inspiration through his word and music to all walks of life.”

-Nonito Donaire Jr., Top Rank Boxing, WBO Super Flyweight Champion

“Universal Filipino is rooted in Kilusan’s commitment to process, movement building, and community. Kilusan brings his heart to the stage and takes the audience on a journey through his personal struggle of dealing with drug addiction and abuse, finding and creating a space for himself amidst Bay Area gangs, and the innocence of experiencing the Philippines for the first time, video games, sneaking out, and middle school love. Universal Filipino is a dynamic production that weaves Kilusan’s penchant for storytelling with dance and dj’ing, two elements of hip-hop, and his own skill of indigenous martial arts of the Philippines. The production encourages audience members to not only critically reflect on the dynamism of Kilusan’s performance and the universality of his struggle but also for us as audience members, to find creative ways to move through our own personal and community struggles.”

-Olivia Canlas, Queens, NY

“Universal Filipino is a powerhouse of dancing, music, and theater! It is a moving piece about life, being a Pilipino, and everything in between. I loved the thread of family evolving through the years and of course the underlying theme of love. I definitely would recommend this show – a must see!”

-Mitzi Imperial, Queens, NY

“It is not until we know our history that we are given the opportunity to truly know ourselves. In Universal Filipino, Kilusan Bautista reminds us of the journeys we have taken to get to where we are now, and the paths that we have endured to arrive at who we are today and fully realize who we can become in the future.”

-Nina V. Reyes, Writer – Hyphen Magazine

“As artistic director of Dream Cypher, a multi-media theater production in the Bay Area, Ca, Jeremy “Kilusan” Bautista spiritually developed the artistic creativity of the cast members by honing into their deepest expression as artists. Through strategic exercises it brought out the beauty of each character live on the stage night after night. His passion for theater and live performance left the audience feeling that they entered a completely different world, experiencing his world of performance. Dream Cypher encompassed the popular expression of today (Hip Hop elements) and the age-old question of existence in this world through the creative process and spiritual passion of Mr. Bautista.”

-Tony Santa Ana, English Teacher in Tokyo, Japan. Writer/ Producer of Dream Cypher

“Kilusan always tells me the most inspirational things.”

-Steven Domingo, Filipino Student Association, UC Santa Cruz

“Loved your show boog. #rizetoahigherself.”

-Jerome Palencia, Open Line Media

“Hey, great show last night. You guys really have an intuitive thing going on with your work, it’s amazing to watch. Also, looking forward to seeing how far your collaboration takes you. I’m sure many lives will be changed in the process. It was nice to meet you both!”

-Bonni Marie Bautista, Program Coordinator at Voice of Our Nations Arts Foundation (VONA)

“Hey brother Kilusan, saw your show last night with Xago and Rosa. Wonderful work. Good luck with it as you keep sharing it. There were too many people that wanted to see you so I left but I just wanted to say, great job.”
-Ruben Gonzalez, Performance Artist

“……is listening to Kilusan Bautista’s Universalf Filipino on itunes.”

-Peter Jared DeCrescenzo, Sulu DC

“It was a wonderful performance last night.  I liked the way you wove your personal story with the history of the Philippines.  It was great meeting your father and mother.  Let’s figure out a way to bring you back out here!”

-Paul Chin, Executive Director of La Pena Cultural Arts Center, Berkeley, CA

“I met you last week at your CSU Dominguez Hills show. I was thrilled to see the positive response of so many of the students.”

-MARY TALUSAN (Lacanlale), PhD
Department of Music
Loyola Marymount University
and Dept. of Humanities
Cal State Univ. Dominguez Hills


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